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Cimbrun Basileus Threatens West Canadian MP With Action

The beginning of the Conversation

    In a heated discussion on the social media platform Twitter, Member of Parliament and Head of the newly re-named West Canadian Party, the National Union of Syndicalists, Gabriel Sebastian and the Basileus of Cimbrun argued over West Canadian foreign policy. 

    The original nature of the tweet in question was in regard to President Titania Smith of the Greater Cascadian Republic where she had called out the TSA of an American airport for being rude and proceeded to be, what was assumed to be, transphobic and fascist. 

    MP Sebastian proceeded to reply that the TSA was in no way transphobic or fascist in accordance with their story. Afterwards, the official government account of Cimbrun replied directly to the MP. The account demanded that all of West Canada “leave their allies alone”.

    After multiple pleads from MP Sebastian denouncing the claims that West Canada had been actively interfering in their allies entanglements, the Basileus, from the official government account, threatened that the DBNA (Dominion of British North America) was going to, and quote, “Be all over your a**.” in reference to West Canada’s recent debates to expand to the North American proper. They also proceeded to claim that it will be “another Vancouver crisis.” 

The Tweets in Question

    MP Sebastian immediately reported these threats to the Governor General and the House of Commons. The National Union of Syndicalists are believed to be preparing a documented condemnation of the nation of Cimbrun and a bill to ratify diplomatic embargos. It is unsure what will come of these threats.