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Vancouver Island Situation Resolved: False Dominion Finally Relents

    Last night at 9:54 PM the "Dominion of Vancouver Island" twitter account released the following announcement:

    This announcement came as no surprise to those who had been following the situation involving the West Canada defence of the Vancouver Island Province. The false Dominion had asserted for a long time their legitimacy, throughout constant instability, mergers, and dissolutions, however this one is bound to be the last. Following the announcement the Dominion of Vancouver Island twitter account also deleted several tweets which paint their character for what it truly is.

    Several theories have arose regarding the "new state" mentioned in the post, with some being a revival of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic, or perhaps another try at one of the many other micronations founded by Dustin Carlson, the "Governor General" of Vancouver Island. Time will have to tell in which direction they go from here, but no doubt it will be riddled with the characteristic instability and ideology-flipping that is undoubtedly associated with any prospects of Dustin Carlson.

    If Dustin Carlson ever attempts to return to the false Dominion of Vancouver Island, he will no longer have a leg to stand on as for the inconsistent 2018 / 2019 flip-flop foundation date, he cannot claim that this is a government switch, or an internal reform, as this is very definitive in its dissolution. Dustin Carlson will have to admit from here-on that he founded his new micronation in 2021, else he continue to be more blatantly disingenuous.

    No matter what comes of this situation, you can all count on the WCBC to continue to document, and follow the situation closely and ensure that each and every West Canadian can be updated on everything West Canada.


  1. Hey Buddy, You still got Nexans, Cascadians, and other groups out there.
    Also who is the "False" One here when You guys have just as much validity to the claim as the Dominion did?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Ah yes. Deny the facts, You and your 2 airsoft soldiers are totally gonna take over an entire island.

    3. That might be true. But You guys both are ignoring the Elephant in the room.
      Canada holds VI, and It's very doubtful no matter how powerful, or who is in charge. That they will be so eager to let it go freely.

    4. We would prefer to keep the comment section of our articles civil. The expletive comment has been deleted for being unnecessarily abrasive.

  2. You should focus on your more immediate issue of heraldic fraud and Crown Copyright violations. You can't just slap the Crown on things, alter Canadian intellectual property and falsely claim to represent Queen Elizabeth II.

    1. are you dan abrams from court cam???????????


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