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Runaway Cow in Shawsburg County returned Home safe

    Earlier today around 10 AM MST a cow had escaped from Lenz Farm, a ranch located nearby Coalhurst in Shawsburg County. After breaking out of its pen at the Lenz Farm the cow followed the Alberta 25 for roughly a kilometre until it reached the rail and decided to follow that instead. The cow followed the rail line for an additional 3 kilometres before it reached the outskirts of Coalhurst.

    Several good samaritans attempted to intercept the bovine after it had been spotted, but it avoided them and escaped further. These Samaritans searched Miner’s Park for the cow, but could not locate the animal. The search party then returned home, thinking that they had lost track of the cow. However, they spotted it in a citizen’s yard, and some members of the search party went up the Kipp Highway to catch the cow on the other side. A standoff with the cow ensued while the party called for assistance and got into contact with the owner of the bovine.
The route the cow was believed to have taken

    The cow attempted to flee once again, after charging at one member of the search crew, nearly injuring him, and was almost hit by a large truck on the Kipp Highway. Eventually the cow continued its escape into a farmer’s field and then was captured by the cow’s owner. The cow saw a safe return back to Lenz Farm. During the entire chase the cow traveled roughly 7.3 kilometers.


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