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What Now? The Royal Family Following The Death of Prince Philip

HRH Prince Philip 1921-2021

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 95th birthday this past Wednesday; festivities which, no doubt, have been overshadowed by the passing of her devoted consort, the late Duke of Edinburgh on April 9th. Yet, now that the official mourning period has lapsed, what shape shall this new, post-Philip Royal Family look like?

    The affairs of the Royals have already been strongly impeded by the global COVID-19 pandemic, with the number of engagements by the Queen greatly reduced. One can now imagine that such a reduction of activities may become the standard going forward, as more duties once carried out by the Queen are now passed down to her children and grandchildren.

    His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has also now succeeded to his late father's titles, making him now Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich. It is anticipated that following the ascension of Charles as King, these titles would be granted to His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex.

    Without a doubt, the Royal Family has lost it's patriarch, as have the countries who were so faithfully served by him. Going forward, we will see a situation reminiscent of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, with the loss of her consort being a great burden for our monarch. Furthermore, with Philip's death we have lost a visible link to our storied past and the Greatest Generation, of which he was a valued part, which defeated the reign of Nazi terror over Europe.


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