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Turmoil in Vancouver Island: The Dissolution of The Dominion and The International Response

    The Dominion of Vancouver Island is now defunct, as of April 28th, reports say. For the past few months, the political status of the Island has been unstable, with multiple changes in government, all from various ideological perspectives.

    On April 29th, the Commonwealth of British Dominions released an official statement acknowledging the dissolution and further recognizing the claim of the Dominion of West Canada over Vancouver Island. This was met with support by some of our allies, such as the Dominion of Vancouver Island, yet also with condemnation from some, such as President Titania Smith of the Greater Cascadian Republic. President Smith went as far as to suggest that the recognition of the claim was "fascistic."

    It seems that the dissolution is coinciding with a potential resurrection of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic (VISSR), a state not recognized by either the Dominion of West Canada or the Commonwealth of British Dominions.

    In response to these developments, Connor Shaw, Governor-General of West Canada, released the following statement:

It is obvious that Titania and the Grand Cascadian Republic is trying to project preconceived assumptions about West Canada onto our nation, we will not be so quickly swayed by this slander against our nation and our people. Vancouver Island is in Western Canada, it has been Canadian and ruled by the Crown since many years before our time. We will continue to assert, with the backing of our allies and countrymen in the Commonwealth of British Dominions, that Vancouver Island is West Canadian and will remain so. God Save the Queen